The Jedi

By Raven and DarkSide

References, images, quotes and other similarities to the character of Luke SkyWalker are, are ... coincidental? ... I don't think so!
They are, however, the property of Lucasfilm Inc. and no challenge is implied or intended by their usage.

The Jedi

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The Jedi is a new warrior for WHQ. He is a Lawful Good character - he will always put the greater good ahead of himself. Unless he turns to the Dark Side, that is.
He is slightly weaker than many other characters for the first few levels, but learns more quickly than any of them and is soon more than their equal when weilding his LightSabre, the JediÕs chosen weapon. (Just don't get it confused with his torch.)

This file is divided into the following sections:

Basic Rules

Everything you need to play a level 1 game - I hope!

Level Rank Move WS BS Str Dam Dice T Wounds I A Luck WP Pinning
1 Apprentice 4 2 6+ 3 1 3 1D6+8 4 1 0 3 6+


Solar Torch: The equivalent of a lantern. It lasts for one adventure and takes two weeks of travel (above ground) to recharge.


LightSabre: A Jedi's best friend. +1 to hit on level 1.
(See The LightSabre section for rules for higher levels.)


Cloak of Polymers: +1 Toughness.
(This is NOT armour, and may be worn by a Wizard.)

Special Rules:

Advanced Rules


The Jedi trains under a Jedi Sage. These somewhat eccentric Jedi can be found in the most unexpected of places. To represent this, whenever the Jedi goes looking for one he rolls on the following table. You may only attempt to find a Jedi Sage once in any settlement.

Location Dice Rolled No. Needed
Village 1D6 2+
Town 2D6 8+
City 3D6 7+

The Jedi Sage:

After finding the Sage, a Jedi may spend one week in training to go up a Battle Level. He may use any mix of Gold/Experience/Treasure he wishes to pay for this training. A Jedi can never learn Force Skills anywhere else, except at a Sage. He may, however, learn other skills.

Jedi Battle-Level Table

Level Cost Rank Move WS BS Str Dam Dice* T Wounds I A Luck WP Skills Power Pin
1 0 Apprentice 4 2 6+ 3 1 3 1D6+8 4 1 0 3 Deflect 0 6+
2 2000 Jedi 4 3 6+ 3 1 3 2D6+8 5 2 1 3 1 +1D3 6+
3 4000 Jedi 4 4 6+ 3 1 4 3D6+8 5 2 1 4 1 +1D2 5+
4 8000 Jedi 4 5 6+ 4 1 4 3D6+8 6 3 1 4 2 +1D2 5+
5 12000 Jedi Knight 4 5 5+ 4 1 4 4D6+8 6 3 2 5 3 +1D3 5+
6 18000 Jedi Knight 4 6 5+ 4 1 4 4D6+8 6 3 2 5 3 +1D2 4+
7 24000 Jedi Knight 4 6 5+ 4 1 5 5D6+8 7 3 2 5 4 +1D2 4+
8 32000 Jedi Master 5 7 4+ 4 1 5 6D6+8 7 4 3 6 5 +1D3 4+
9 45000 Jedi Master 5 7 4+ 4 1 6 6D6+8 7 4 3 6 6 +1D2 3+
10 50000 Jedi Lord 6 8 4+ 4 1 6 7D6+8 8 4 3 6 7 +1D6 3+

*A Jedi does more damage when using his LightSabre. He cannot use other weapons to their full effect.
For more info on Skills, see The Force section below.

The Sage has a variety of rare goods which you may purchase, as well as replacements for your basic equipment, should you ever become parted from it. The Sage will accept treasure as payment for any item, as long as the treasure is worth more than the item. A 1D6 is always rolled for Stock, even in a city.

Item Description Cost Useable by Stock
Replacement LightSabre You may only have one LightSabre at a time. 500G Jedi 1+
Cloak of Polymers +1 T 1000G J/W 1+
Cloak of SynthaSteel +2 T 3000G J/W 2+
Cloak of DuraSteel +3T 6000G J/W 4+
Laz Pistol 4 shots/turn,Str 2,modified only for ignore pain. 5000G J/Ash 5+
Data Padd No Jedi should be without one! Now only 999G! J/W/Ash 2+

The Sage also has other services to offer the young Jedi. These take the form of skills which are learned from advanced training sessions. Each of these sessions takes 5 days and costs 2000 experience and 1 treasure worth at least 500G. Roll a 1D6 to find out which skill you have learned. You may re-roll if you already know that skill.

Roll Name Power Requires Description
1 Displace * - May teleport 1 square per point of power used. May move as well. Jedi now gets +1 to his Deflect roll.
2 Translate A - Can read/write any language.
3 Force Protection 2 - Immunity to disease, poison, etc. Jedi now gets +1 to his Deflect roll.
4 Heal 1 - Jedi regains 1 wound.
5 Forcel Pull * - Disarm enemy: 4+ for 1 power / 2+ for 2 power.
Reclaim LightSabre: 1 power. Always works when in sight.
Other: GM decides.
6 Weapon Construct - - -

The Force:

The Jedi may call upon the Force to aid him during his quest.
Force Skills are similar to the Wizard's spells. Treat the Wizard's Power Roll as a 1D3. On a 6 the Jedi regains 1 point of Reserve Power.

The Dark Side:

Initially, the Jedi is a good and decent individual, fighting for those in need, disregarding his own safety, etc, etc...
However, since the discovery of the Force, there have been Jedi who have become warped and twisted by evil and have learned that the Dark Side of the Force is even more powerful. Such Jedis are malicious, evil beings, who live only to rid the world of all that is good. (Oh, no!)
Each time a Jedi meets an enemy spell-caster, he must roll less than his Willpower on a 1D6 or turn to the Dark Side.
Of course, if he wants, or if the prospect of so much power is overwhelming, he can choose to turn at any time.
When a Jedi turns, his first act will be to kill his fellow adventurers. Any monsters will not attack him while he is doing this. All his Force Skills are converted to the Dark Force Skill of the same number. He may now only go questing with other evil characters.

Force Skills:

The Jedi starts with the following Force Skill:
Deflect (6+): This allows the Jedi to "dodge" blows, missiles, fireballs, etc, if he rolls 6+ on 1D6. He gets +1 to this roll when he attains the rank of Jedi Master.

When the Jedi learns a new Force Skill, roll 2D6 on the following table:

Roll Name Power Requires Description
2 Danger Sense A - Jedi avoids the effects of any ambush if he rolls 3+ on a 1D6.
3 Persuadtion 3 Telepathy A Jedi may try to control a monster. Roll (1d6+Initiative) for Jedi and same for monster. If the Jedi scores higher, he may control the monster for the rest of this turn.
4 Throw 5 Force Pull Jedi throws any target on the board up to 1/2 BL squares in a straight line. Target recieves 3D6 damage, modified for Toughness only. Any interveening model takes 1D6 damage with no modifiers.
5 Run * Agility Jedi gets +2 Movement per point of power he spends, up to a maximum of 2xBL squares.
6 Jump * Agility Jedi may jump 1 square per point of power he spends, up to a max of BL/2 squares. If he runs, he may jump 1 square for every 3 squares he runs. (Giving a max jump of 5+6 squares!)
7 Telepathy 1 - May now communicate silently with his comrades and other creatures whose language he speaks. (Bridge that language gap with Translate.)
8 Absorb Magic A - Give the Jedi a Magic Resistance of 5+. He MUST resist ALL spells, including healing and protective spells!
9 Force Seeing 2 Danger Sense If the Jedi does NOTHING else for the entire go, he may look through the wall into the next room (or similar). On a 4+ on a 1D6, he sees the room's contents. He does not have to reveal this to the other players.
10 Agility * - Jedi gets +1 to his Deflect roll. He takes no damage from falling (into pits, etc). Must use 1 Force Point per 10ft, up to a maximum of 10xBL feet in total!
11 Invisibility 8 Absorb Magic Drawing on the power of the Force, the Jedi may becomes invisible until the end of the turn. If he attacks (RPG - or his concentration is broken) he immediately becomes visible.
12 - - - Choose your new skill wisely Jedi... (Choose any skill.)

If you roll a skill which requires another skill to be able learn it, and you do not have the required skill, you learn the required skill instead, as long as it is on this table.

The LightSabre:

The Jedi's weapon of choice. This awesome product of a race long-dead draws its power from the Jedi weilding it - its abilities increases as its Master's does. Improvements are cumulative: e.g. a level 2 Jedi gets +1 to hit and +1D6 Dam on nat 6 to hit.
The LightSabre is treated as a magic weapon, but none of the penalties for using a magic weapon apply to it.

Level Damage Dice Improvement
1 1 +1 to hit
2 1 +1D6 damage if to hit roll is a natural 6
3 1 Ignore +2 T
4 2 Ignore +3 Armour (including Magic Armour)
5 2 Natural 6 to hit destroys enemy's: 1 nothing 2-4 Armour 5-6 Weapon
6 2 Blow cannot be ignored on 5+ to hit roll
7 3 Ignore ALL Armour (including Magic Armour)
8 3 +1D6 Damage on 4+ to hit roll
9 3 Ignore +2 T
10 4 Blow cannot be ignored

The TechStore:

Item Description Cost Useable by Stock
Laz Pistol 4 shots/turn,Str 2,modified only for ignore pain. 5000G Jedi/Ash 5+
Thermal Mine 3x3 square/3D6 dam/fails on reptiles,undead,etc 400G each Jedi/Ash 5+
Lazer Motion Sensory Mine 3x3 square/5D6 dam/cannot fail! 600G each Jedi/Ash 6+
Data Padd No Jedi should be without one! Now only 999G! Jedi/W/Ash 2+