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Ash Remmington

By Nathan Beck. This is displayed here because I can't remember where the original site is. If Nathan ever passes through, he might drop me the URL. I have changed the formatting to make it a little more legible, but the character is exactly the same - insane!


Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Redefining the meaning of Techno-Freak.

Other Stuff

I wish to offer an apology to the individuals who I started a PBeM WHQ campaign with and never finished after taking a break for my exams. Unfortunately, my account had been deleted from the college system by the time I came in to bring all my files home. Entirely my fault; I should have backed them up earlier. If any of you ever pass through this site, drop me an email.

"Warhammer Quest, the Warhammer Quest logo and any other GW-related material is copyrighted by Games Workshop and no challenge is implied or intended by their usage."

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