By Nathan Beck


Boomstick: This is Ash's Remington double barrel shotgun, an S-Mart Special. It has a limited range of 4 squares and can not be fired if there are any models between him and his target. It may be fired twice before having to be reloaded for 1d6+7 damage on each shot. There is a -2 damage per square after the second, so 1d6+5 at three squares and 1d6+3 at four squares.

Chainsaw: Ash Chainsaw does 1d6+(str+4). Ash must pickup lantern fuel while in town in order to keep the Chainsaw running. If Ash roll a 1 on a to-hit roll, he must roll a d6 and consult the following chart:
Chainsaw fuel - Cost: 50 gold per flask

Ash Skills

2. Chainsaw Follow Through: Ash can dig his chainsaw into his opponent in attempt to cut him in half. On a successful hit Ash can dig his chain saw into his opponent instead of using any remaining attacks. On each following turn Ash adds a d6 damage to the damage dice of the previous turn for each attack until the monster escapes pinning and moves away.

3. Insane Courage: Whenever Ash is required to make a fear or terror test, he goes nuts gaining double attacks at -1 to hit. Ash moves toward whatever has the highest fear/terror rating, killing anything in his way, he may now move before or after attacks. Until his opponent is dead Ash cannot attack any other monsters unless they are in the way. While insane, Ash can only use melee weapons.

4. Reload only when dramatically feasible: With this ability Ash no longer needs to reload his shotgun unless he kills the most valuable opponent on the same board piece(if there is 2 or more models that are tied for most valuable monster, ignore this effect), rolls a one on an attack roll, or wishes to switch ammo types.

5. Ignore Pain: Ash has lived through hell AND SURVIVED! With this skill Ash has an ignore pain characteristic equal to one-half his level rounded up.

6. Weapon Master: Ash is a expert at using melee weapons, Ash now receives +1 to hit with melee weapons.

7. Rapid Fire: This skill allows Ash to fire his shotgun a number of times equal to his attack characteristic. If he has to reload, it takes one attack to do so.

8. Power Shot: This skill allows Ash to fire both barrels at once in powerful blast doing an extra dice of damage with each attack. However he now only has one shot before he has to reload.

9. Ignore Blow: If an melee attack (things like spells or tomb rot don't count but damage from a fanatic would) brings Ash to 0 or less life roll a d6, on a 1-2 no effect, 3-5 he takes half damage, 6 the blow is ignored completely.

10. Point Blank: This skill allows Ash to use his WS to hit a model in base to base contact with him instead of his BS if he wishes when firing his shotgun. This skill also allows Ash to use an attack in order to shove his shotgun into a vital area of his opponent and pull the trigger doing triple damage. once per adventure (note: this skill can be combined with the "Power shot" skill) This skill can only be used on the most valuable model on the board.

11. Magic Ability: Upon leering this skill Ash can research a random spell or have a wizard in the party teach him a spell he knows. Ash may attempt to learn one spell per level. Ash gains power the same way the wizard does each turn to attempt to cast one of his spells. When he attempts to cast a spell rolling a d6 on the following chart:
With this skill Ash is also allowed to use magic items normally restricted to the wizard.

12. Choose Any Skill

Special Abilities:

Advancement Table

Battle-LevelGold/ XPsTitleMoveWSBSStrDam. DiceTWoundsIALuckWPSkillsPin