Catalog of Lost Contacts

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Empire Sector Site Submitter
Aendorian Space SECTOR WEBSITE James Kenny
The All H WEBSITE Red Cinema
Democratic Social Commune of the Aalaey SECTOR WEBSITE Casey McCarty
Alhanai Dominion Z WEBSITE Darius Picard
Andulvan Ascension Z WEBSITE Darius Picard
Arlani Council SECTOR WEBSITE Jonathan Thomas
Ascension SECTOR WEBSITE Lucas Ashlar Lee
Attelbar Concord G WEBSITE Matthew Rees
Avatarian Empire H WEBSITE Matthew Harkey
Blys Confederation SECTOR WEBSITE John Thompson
Bhramorna G WEBSITE Phil Kay
Cal-cor G WEBSITE Christopher F. Auston
Children of Vadek G WEBSITE Jeff McDowell
Chilkit Coalition G Steve Bereyso
Confederation of Democratic Worlds ?H?G? John Sheppard (Skyler)
Corrano Continuum C WEBSITE Michael Hodgson
Covenant of the Spiral H WEBSITE Mary Beth Johnson
Cynexian Empire G WEBSITE Max Reichlin
Daeran Hegemony G WEBSITE Justin Ho
Dalurian Alliance H WEBSITE Aaron Armstead
Darelan Empire Z WEBSITE Lucas Ashlar Lee
Darian Ascendancy H WEBSITE David P. Hudyma Jr.
Dawn Alliance H WEBSITE Bryan S Roberts
Dragrakarathilagrath C WEBSITE Carsten Piltz
Elessar Republic G WEBSITE Robert Duffey
Eliestrian Nebula SECTOR WEBSITE Michael R Papas
Endymion B WEBSITE David Eisebrey
Exalted Realm of Baranholme H Baranholme Arvind Vasudevan
Four Worlds of the Hegemony G/H Ships of the Hegemony Defense Fleet Heath Barmettler
Free Merchants Confederacy H WEBSITE Derek Becker
Genesi Empire ?G? WEBSITE Dave Johnson
Golconda Unity E Edward O'Mara
Golem Homeworld B/G Golem Homeworld Embassy Daniel Pond
Graal G WEBSITE David Crow
Gu-an'ki Regime G WEBSITE Agam Neiman
Haemotopia C Declaration of Basic rights of Sentient Races
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Pete Darby
Herwach Transendency A WEBSITE Omnet
Home Space X WEBSITE Ben T-Moore
Alliance of Johrovan B WEBSITE Marleon Cumpston
K'ac''ott B WEBSITE Carolyn Johnston Nichols (Khamelion)
Kalar C WEBSITE Joseph Arnaud
Kalikari Dominion SECTOR Kalikari Informational Database Frank Torkel
Kel`Shren Alliance G WEBSITE Ryan Fuerst
Kandra-Grayen Union C WEBSITE Matt Jarman
K'Endar Alliance B WEBSITE Robert Grewer
Kha-Lu Imperium G WEBSITE Robert Bisno
Khurn H WEBSITE Jamie Chambers
Kr'dimn Collective SECTOR WEBSITE Mickey Christian DeCicco
Maelstrom G WEBSITE Dannielle Osborne
Marduki Protectorate ?H? Stephen Mumford
Marosian Galactic Systems Z WEBSITE Chairman Nyl Remo
Ovonglor SECTOR WEBSITE Ilya Bogdanov
Parr H WEBSITE Tom Schruefer
Pluzhiak Imperium (Major) E WEBSITE Omnet
Polarian Star Force B Polarian tourism and trade centre Bryan Spitz
Praetalo H WEBSITE Dawn M. McCoy
Quo'kar / Sha Cruz Coalition E WEBSITE Donald Campbell
Reid Empire SECTOR WEBSITE Matthew Vernon Xavier Willemain
Domains of Relantria Z WEBSITE Rachel Lee
Ruqua Dynasties (Major) B WEBSITE Omnet
Saurian Defense Pact G WEBSITE Elton Robb
Imperial Sejun Domains SECTOR WEBSITE William Garrood
Pada'Shaine Shadakar Imperium G Shadakar Imperium Omnet Intelligence Report. Jason Morrill
Shalandrua H WEBSITE Digger Hayes
Seven Kingdoms of Andrutia SECTOR WEBSITE John Caranto
Sosarian Co-operative B/H WEBSITE Brian Jennings
Space People Compact C United Arthurian Alliance Oliver Zimprich
Sybillin SECTOR WEBSITE Sybillin
Tardathan Republic G WEBSITE Glenn Nelson
Telendry B WEBSITE Beth and Carl Davis
Empire of the Telrak SECTOR SUBMITTER
Empire of Thorn C WEBSITE Isaac Newton
Thras Divas, the Lost Empire H Jim Ashworth
Torranian Republic C WEBSITE Gudjon Torfi Sigurdsson (Xelforp)
United Kingdom of Tovia H WEBSITE Terry Scott
Tru-Lan Imperium SECTOR WEBSITE Ken Eitelman
Worlds of Beer B WEBSITE Jym Hunnicutt
Yinkha Z WEBSITE Leonard Tai Chao Shen
Zandrian Order H WEBSITE Jason Throckmorton
Joe Cunningham
Zharythian Empire G WEBSITE David Shanahan

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