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Divine Seekers


Sir Belathromant "Ant" Talowreed

sun-elf paragon rogue mage

Completing a mixed apprenticeship under Filvendor of Daggerford, Ant joined the local militia for a brief time. There he fell in with Vet and Grommi, a pair of adventure-seeking dwarfs. After completing their stint, the group continued working together.

Using his varied background to round out the party's capabilities, Ant found himself filling in as first tactical and then leadership. Members have since come and gone, but his strong moral compass continues to influence the group's direction.

A knight of Daggerford and interim protector of the elven estates, Ant is currently involved with the forceful reallocation of power within Grenfel County.



human barbarian cleric of Tempus

A cleric who thinks he's a fighter so strongly he often convinces his enemies as well. Strong of arm and proud of heart, Croonkat has refused any recognition from nobility in favour of mingling with the masses.



drow/human munchkin-type-caster ;)

Militaristic, or at least destructive, to the core, this chaotic individual is a great asset to the group. Once she has a regular supply of targets.


The Lady "Sister" Adandor of Sarath


Currently overseeing Dragonspear Castle with an iron fist. Two in fact...


Sir Stedd Everwood

human druid

Retired from the party to oversee a small estate to the north on behalf of the Duke of Daggerford.


Sir Grommi Whitemane

dwarven cleric of Moradin

A long-time travelling companion of Ant. Has set up residence in an old, recently reclaimed, dwarven mining settlement north of Grenfel county, along with Vet and Sol.