A new Specialist School for AD&D

Description: Energy. Paranaturalism - Temporal Flux.

Specialist Name: Temporalist

Allowed Races: Half-elf only. Humans do not live long enough to see the patterns in the flow of time, while Elves have so much that they tend to take it for granted. Time is the very basis for natural progression; as such, a player may multiclass as a Temporalist/Druid.

Ability Requirements: Int 14, Wis 16, Con 12

Saving Throw Modifiers: All oponents modify their saving throws by -2 when attempting to save against a temporalism spell cast by a temporalist. A temporalist receives a +1 bonus when saving against temporalism spells.

Bonus Spells and Acquired Powers: A temporalist can memorize an extra spell at each level, providing that at least one of the memorized spells is from the school of temporalism.
When a temporalist reaches 15th level, he receives an additional +1 bonus when saving against temporal magics.
When a temporalist reaches 17th level, he acquires immunity to the aging effects of his own spells.
When a temporalist reaches 19th level, he acquires immunity to all forms of magical aging.
When a temporalist reaches 21st level, the rate at which he ages naturally is reduced by half.

Oppositional Schools: None. Minor access only (4th level and below) to the schools of conjuration/summoning and illusion.
A temporalist receives only a +10% bonus when learning spells from the temporalism school, but a -20% penalty when learning spells from other schools.

Spell Analysis: This school allows access to Temporalism spells, which can not be cast by any other spellcaster, while still allowing access to a wide variety of spells from most of the regular schools.

Most Desireable Spells: Most Desireable Spells

Ethos: Temporalists tend to be Lawful due to the discipline required to master this school. Generally not affiliated with any institution, Temporalists tend to be isolationists, preferring to live away from the distractions of society. Those that do take aadvantage of magical colleges and the like are usually regarded as dedicated and withdrawn by other mages.

Suggested Kits: The Academician or the Mystic (as detailled in the Complete Wizard's Handbook) are suitable kits for this specialist.