Sonic Drake

A new Dragon sub-species for AD&D

Climate/Terrain Tropical to Artic/Mountains No. Appearing 1 (2d4)
Frequency VR Armour Class -4 (base)
Organization Solitary or Clan Movement 6, Fl 60(C)
Activity Cycle Any (Day) Hit Dice 9 (base)
Diet THAC0 11 (base)
Intelligence High (13-14) No. of Attacks 3 + special
Treasure See below Damage/Attack 2d4/2d4/2d10
Alignment CN Special Attacks See Below
Special Defenses See Below
Magic Resistance Variable
Size L
Morale Elite (13-14_
XP Variable

Sonic dragons, though similar to firedrakes, are thought to be mare closely related to crystal or mercury dragons. However, they differ from dragons so significantly that they have been categorised as drakes.
Sonic Drakes are reclusive and suspicious of any who approach - human, demi-human or dragon. The only exceptions to this are crystal and mercury dragons, who inhabit the same regions. They have a soft spot for firedrakes and have been known to come to their aid if they stand a reasonable chance of being able to help them.
There are several shades among these drakes, all of which start out opaque at birth and become more translucent as they age:-
Climate Shade
Super-Artic White (Clear)
Artic Grey
Sub-Artic Blue
Cold Cyan
Temperate Green
Warm Brown
Sub-Tropical Yellow
Tropical Orange
Super-Tropical Red
The shading is very faint and there is little chance of mistaking a temperate sonic drake for a green dragon, if one has ever been seen before that is. In border-line regions, mated pairs of different colours are not unknown and the resulting offsprings' shades are combinations of both parents' shades.
Sonic Drakes speak their own language, as well as those common to all gem and good dragons. They also have the ability to mimic any normal sound, from a bird's call through human speech to the roll of thunder.

Combat: While a few of these drakes are downright aggressive, most prefer to leave others alone in the hope that the favour will be returned. Not being very territorial, they do not drive others out of their surrounding terrain. Only if the trespassers approach the lair will they be confronted. Sonic drakes will fight to the death to protect their clan, but single drakes sometimes abandon their lair to avoid combat with a powerful intruder. If forced into combat, they will stay as far from their opponent as possible, using their breath weapon and any spells they may have.

Breath weapon/Special abilities: This drake's breath weapon is a cone of high amplitude, multifrequency sound. It can be emitted in either a highly focused beam 5' diameter, 100' long or as a cone 50' long, 5' wide at its mouth and 25' wide at the end. Save vs Breath Weapon for half damage, save vs Paralyzation or be permanently deafened. Objects in the path must save vs Crushing Blow or shatter.
Casts spells and uses abilities at 4th level + its combat modifier.
These drakes are immune to all sound-based attacks from birth and can cast message at will. They gain additional abilities as they age:-
Age Abilities
Very Young Ventriloquism at will
Young Whispering Wind 1/day
Juvenile Invisibility (self only) 1/turn
Young Adult Feign Death at will
Adult Pass without Trace at will
Mature Adult Water Breathing (self only) at will
Old Polymorph Self 2/day
Very Old Phase Door 2/day
Venerable Teleport without Error 2/day

Variants: It has been rumoured that very old or venerable sonic drakes have, on occasion, displayed psionic abilities. The most commonly reported being telekinesis. Conclusive evidence has yet to be provided and, given the rarity of even young drakes and their reclusive behaviour, such evidence is unlikely to be forthcoming. Were it to be proved, however, it would support the theory that these drakes are actually a minor offshoot of the gem dragons, the crystal dragon in particular, as the gem dragons are the only group with a tendancy for psionic powers.

Habitat/Society: Sonic drakes reside in lonely mountainous regions. More familial than their larger cousins, these drakes usually mate for life. In some regions, clusters of families may share territory from a central area. Such Clans, as they are known, are often extended families of three or four generations, with the eldest drake acting as the leader, or Elder.
Though they keep to themselves as much as possible, sonic drakes sometimes associate with crystal and mercury dragons. They fear red and white dragons, who sometimes prey on lone sonics. These drakes can sometimes be found living within the territory of one of their larger good or neutrally aligned relatives, such as the amethyst, emerald, copper, silver or cloud dragons. As sonic dragons tend no to grow much longer than 100', most of these dragons tend to view them as fledgelings or inferiors, rather than as a race of dragons. In general, they are left to their own devices.

Ecology: Sonic drakes are scavengers by necessity, although parents will hunt small animals for their offspring. Like true dragons, they can eat practically anything and will rarely go hungry, even on the most barren of peaks. Humanoid beverages, such as wines and ales, are considered delicacies by the few older drakes fortunate enough the sample such fare.

Age Body Tail AC Breath Weapon Spells Wiz/Pr MR Treasure XP HD THAC0
Hatchling 1-4 1-4 -1 2d8+2 - 5% - 1400 3 17
Very Young 4-9 4-9 -2 4d8+4 - 10% - 3000 5 15
Young 9-16 9-16 -3 6d8+6 1 15% - 5000 7 13
Juvenile 16-25 16-25 -4 8d8+8 1 1 20% R 8000 9 11
Young Adult 25-32 25-32 -5 10d8+10 2 1 25% R,W 10000 10 11
Adult 32-39 32-39 -6 12d8+12 2 1 1 30% R,W,Z 11000 11 9
Mature Adult 39-46 39-46 -7 14d8+14 3 2 1 35% R,W,Zx2 12000 12 9
Old 46-51 46-51 -8 16d8+16 4 2 1 1 40% B,R,W,Zx2 14000 13 7
Very Old 51-56 51-56 -9 18d8+18 4 3 2 1 45% Bx2,R,W,Zx2 15000 14 7
Venerable 56-59 56-59 -10 20d8+20 4 3 3 2 1 50% A,Bx2,R,W,Zx2 16000 15 5